Device GPS

Tracking And Alarm :

  • GPS real time tracking
  • Support TCP/UDP modes
  • Laporan GPS dengan format ID, kecepatan, lokasi, arah, waktu, status kendaraan, status km, dll.
  • Dial out police for emergency rescue
  • Geo-fencing
  • Lower voltage alert
  • Ultrasonic alarm
  • Vibration alarm
  • Main power disconnection alarm
  • Geofence alarm
  • Drag alarm
  • Stolen alarm
  • Carjacking alarm
  • Door open alarm
  • Vehicle igniting
  • Over speeding
  • Backup battery disconnected alarm
  • GPS long period no signal warning
  • GPS receiving problem alarm
  • Handset phone problem alarm

Control :

  • Remote power cut control
  • Remote open/close GPRS
  • Remote oil cut control
  • Remote set speed limit
  • Remote/on side set Geofence

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